Friday 1 January 2016

Plea for help! TfL's Wandsworth Gyratory plans are a travesty - but will anyone say so?!

After some thought, I decided to edit this post.  A lot.

It originally had a load of waffle about lots of worthy stuff, but can be summed up so much more easily and clearly (I hope!)...

Where are the cycle tracks for Wandsworth TfL?!

(See - deadline 17/1)

TfL are upgrading lots of major junctions and every similar project includes protected cycleways...

Except Wandsworth Town Centre.

Did we do something wrong?

The ONLY way you can enable young children, older and disabled people to get around safely on bikes around heavy vehicles in a town centre is to physically protect them with kerbed cycle tracks and low&slow traffic streets.

The cycle tracks being planned or built at Elephant & Castle, Aldgate, Stockwell, Archway, Vauxhall, Whipps Cross Roundabout, Blackfriars, Westminster Bridge South, etc, etc, aren't perfect, but at least there are some!

Cycle tracks are also brilliant for scooter users, wheelchair users and all other kinds of human on wheels.  They also significantly reduce the pollution inhaled by pedestrians and make driving less stressful and faster for motor vehicle drivers.

Yes roadspace has to be reallocated, but it does when we build footpaths.  There is no evidence of proper cycle tracks ever causing delays for drivers - all those studied showed faster journeys for drivers in every example but one, where there was no change.

Protected cycle tracks benefit everyone.  They can only do that when we build them.  Despite our hostile roads, Wandsworth's commuter cycling levels are already double the London average and over half of residents own bikes.

If you have some time to spare to help fight for decent #spaceforcycling in Wandsworth, please get in touch.

Please take just a couple of minutes to ask TfL (before 17 January 2016) to build a proper cycle network in Wandsworth.  One that exists on more than a PowerPoint slide.

PS Previous comments have been retained but deleted from public view as they don't relate well to this modified post and some included mention of other people and I don't have time to ensure they get a right to reply.

PPS I know that the minute section of segregated cycle track on one corner of Wandsworth Roundabout will be retained.  Not the TfL took much effort to highlight that.  I can't think why.

PPPS Oh no, I can.

PPPPS Give em hell! Grrr...


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  4. Hello,

    100% agree plans are awful. Its maddening that LCC central or local are not outraged about this. Maybe we should start by writing to local Councillor, MPs and AMs. Maybe see what local opposition party groups support this and get them to help with the push ?

  5. Thanks for blogging about this!